YIHUA 8786D heat gun soldering iron welding station

* main unit + gun + power cord
* guide
* soldering iron
* soldering iron holder
* 3 nozzles


1.One red LED digital displays switch to show hot air gun and soldering iron precision temperature.

2.Hot air gun and soldering iron separate and no interference with each other.

3.Extremely low noise and space saving design.

4.Microcomputer control, quick warming-up.

5.A 50 watt output soldering iron with temp range of 200°C - 480°C.

6.Adjust the airflow and temperature control rotation easily.

7.ESD design of soldering iron to protect sensitive components.

8.International standard heater for convenient use and exchange.

9.High-quality resistance for durable use.

10.Suitable for SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA and temperature-sensitive components.

11.Plastic holder for placing the hot air gun.

12.Stand for keeping the iron from flammable materials.

13.Fits for heating shrink, drying, lacquer removal, viscidity removal, ice-out, pre-heating and glue soldering.

14.ESD safe design of soldering iron to protect sensitive components & CE approved .


Model: YIHUA-8786D

·        ESD Safe

·         Total Power Consumption: 740 Watts

·         Air Flow Type: Brushless Fan With Soft Air

·         Max Air Flow Volume: 120L/min

·         Hot Air Gun: 500 Watts

·         Temperature Range 100°C ~ 480°C with Auto Cool Down Safety Feature

·         Hot Air Gun Temperature Stability: ±1.8°F/1.0°C

·         Soldering Iron: 45 Watts

·         Temperature Range 200°C ~ 480°C

·         Soldering Iron Temperature Stability: ±3.6°F/2.0°C

·         Working Environment: 0°F ~ 122°F/ 0°C ~ 50°C

·         Storage Environment: -68°F ~ 176°F/-20°C ~ 80°C

·         Product inner box Dimensions: 29*20.5*17cm

·         Shipping Weight: 3KG

·         Actual Unit Weight: 2.61 KG

·         QTY:8PCS/CTN

·         Outer carton size:59.5*41*36cm

·         G.W:20.62KG/CTN

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