YIHUA 853DA 3 in1 hot air repair phone used rework soldering station

* main unit + hot air gun + power cord
* guide  
* soldering iron
* soldering iron holder +gun frame+test leadest cable
* 4 nozzles

Inner box size : 33*27*20.2CM
Outer carton box size:56*34.5*42CM
Goods net weight:  5.25KG/PC
Outer carton weight:  20.47kg/CTN


1). Iron and gun temperature are using Intelligent Fuzzy logic PID control, therefore the temperature steady-state drift is relatively small, it overcomes the drift quite quickly even in a harsh environment.

2). Fan's airflow capacity,Iron and Hot air rework's temperature are all adjustable, the power supply  voltage is shown on the LED digital display, and it is constantly updated.

3). Iron, Gun and  power supply are using independent dual-core micro-controller, which means they can work independently, when the problem occurs on one tool it does not affect the others. Dual-core CPU is used to avoid failures

4). Hot air rework, soldering iron are equipped by variety of fault protection.


Iron parts

Hot air gun parts

DC power supply parts

work Voltage  AC 26V±10% 50HZ

work Voltage  AC 220V±10% 50HZ\( 110V±10% 50HZ)

work Voltage AC 220V±10% 50HZ\ ( 110V±10% 50HZ)

Output power 50W±10%

Output power 600W±10%

Output power 15W/30W

Temperature range 200°C-480°C

Temperature range 100°C-480°C

Output voltage 0-15V

Temperature stability±2°C

Temperature stability ±2°C

Load stability <0.01±2mv<>

Tip of ground impedance<2ohm<>

Gun type Diaphragm pump

Airflow is focus on it,24L~28L/Min

recovery time <100us<>

Tip of ground voltage <2mv<>

Gun heater resistance:90Ω

Ripple dB<1mvrms (virtual value)

Iron Heater material Common heater

Gun heater material Nickel-alloys

Temperature coefficient <300PPm/°C

Iron handle Black handle

Protection starting current >standard value 10%

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