WEP 948D-II Tin Gun 3 in 1 Intelligent Desoldering Soldering Station

Inner box size 32.5*32*20.5

Outer carton box size 66*34.5*23

Q'TY 2pcs/ctn

Goods net weight 6.1KG/PC

outer carton weight 12.5kg

This device has the following user-friendly design features.
A. Celsius/Fahrenheit Temperature Display
Designed to meet the market needs of different regions, the temperature
display function can be set to display either Celsius or Fahrenheit, depending
on local practices.
B. Sleep Function
Soldering iron automatic detection of their work status are not in use in a
quiescent state, arriving to set the sleep time, the temperature of the iron
automatically lower the temperature to 200 ° C enter into sleep state, can
effectively prevent the oxidation of iron head and prolong the iron tip service
life, energy saving and environmental protection. The sleep time can be set
range: 1 to 99 minutes in 1 minute steps, users can be set based on usage, if
you do not need a soldering iron sleep ,the sleep time is set to---.
Wake/Sleep Mode:
a. Shake soldering handle up and down several times or flick the red switch on
the suction gun once.
b. Press any one button.
c. Turn off the power switch then turn on the power switch.
C. Automatic Shutdown Function
After machine enter into sleep state, start the timer program, set the shutdown
time did not wake up from sleep, automatic shutdown, energy saving and
environmental protection. Auto power off time setting range: 1 to 99 minutes in
1 minute steps, if you do not need a auto shutdown function ,the power off time
is set to---.
D. Password Feature
A password must be given to enter the function parameter settings. Function
parameters can only be changed after the correct password has been entered,
thus preventing operator changes and any impact on operational efficiency.
1. If the power cable is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or by a
maintenance department professional in order to avoid danger.
2. This tool must be placed in its stand when not in use.
3. Be careful when using this device in the vicinity of flammable materials; Never
use this device for extended periods in the same location.
4. Be aware that heat may be transferred to distant flammable materials;
Someone must be present at all times while the device is connected.
5. This device is not intended to by operated by individuals with diminished
physical, sensory, or mental capacities or by those who lack experience (such
as children), except in the presence of individuals qualified to provide
necessary supervision and guidance; Ensure that children do not play with this
To use this product, the following basic measures should be strictly followed to
avoid hazards of electric shock, bodily injury, fire and other phenomenon.
1. In order to ensure safety, please turn off the power switch when not in use.
When not in use for an extended period, please unplug the power cord!!!
2. Serious consequences may result if non-original or non-approved parts are
3. In the event of product failure, repairs must be carried out by professionals or
manufacturer-designated personnel.
4. This product uses three-wire grounded plug must be inserted into three-hole
grounded outlet, do not change the plug or use an ungrounded three-headed
adapter leaving poor grounding.
5. After the desoldering station is switched on, its temperature can exceed 400
degrees centigrade. Do not use near flammable or explosive objects. To avoid
burns, do not touch the metal part of the soldering iron.
6. Do not leave the work area when the soldering station is switched on.
7. The power cord must be unplugged and the iron must be allowed to cool before
installing or replacing soldering iron parts.
8. After used, remember that cooling the unit before installation.
9. The desoldering station should only be used for soldering. Do not hit the
desoldering gun station against the work surface to remove flux residues, as
doing so may seriously damage the soldering iron.
10. Soldering produces fumes, ensure there is adequate ventilation.
Safety Guidelines E. Digital Temperature Correction Feature
Suitable for temperature deviations between actual temperatures and
displayed temperatures due to environmental conditions or the replacement of
heating cores, iron tips, or other parts which can be corrected with this feature.

Suction gun power130W
Display method :LED digital display
High frequency soldering iron power90W
Soldering iron temperature range200~480°C
Suction gun temperature range350~480°C

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