YIHUA 948 I Multi Function Adjustable Soldering Desoldering BGA Rework Soldering Station

* main unit +desoldering gun + power cord
* guide
* soldering iron
* soldering iron holder

Inner box size : 32.5*32*20.5CM
Outer carton box size: 66*34.5*23CM
Goods net weight:  4.41KG/PC
Outer carton weight:  9.82kg/CTN


1. Adopts PID program temperature control technology with an implantable high-precision PID program for high speed tracking and detection of actual soldering station temperatures with real-time temperature correction. Temperature stability, little temperature error.

2.With tin-suction and soldering iron function. It can connect a suction pen to pick up small chips, too.

3. Adopts an isolation transformer for power supply to heating elements , low voltage power supply which safety and reliability.

4.Built-in vacuum with strong suction does away with external vacuum systems, easy to take away.

5.Soldering/desoldering iron stand with the integration of design, installation on the side of the machine, save sapce and stable.

6. This device has the following user-friendly design features

A. Soldering iron sleep standby function, to protect and prolong the heating elements' service life.

B. Temperature correction function.

Suitable for temperature deviations between actual temperatures and displayed temperatures due to environmental conditions or the replacement of heating cores, iron tips or other parts which can be corrected with this feature.

C. Celsius/Fahrenheit display temperature function

To satisfy market demand in different regions.

D.Buzzer on/off function.

Users can set base on usage to select turn ON the buzzer and turn off the buzzer.

7. With a unique tin suction nozzle and heating pipe design, solder inhales through filters in a molten state.

Input voltage
AC 110~127V 60Hz/220~240V 50Hz
Rate power
Display type
LED digital
Soldering iron temperature range
Desoldering iron temperature range
Vacuum suction
Tip of ground resistance
Operating temperature
storage temperature
Storage humidity
35% -45%

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