YIHUA 939D+-IV Temperature - Adjustable

1x Machine

1x Iron handle

1x X-2 type solder iron holder

1x User Manual

1x Power cable

1x Anti-static ground wire

Net weight: 2.83KGS/PC

Gross weight: 18KG/CTN

Inner box size: 625.8*22.3*18CM

Out carton box size:  46*27.3*59 CM


*Rapid heating from room temperatures of 30℃ up to 300 ℃

*The station’s performance, precision and stability satisfy the work standards of professional hand soldering, micro- soldering, mobile phone repair, laptop repair, circuit board repair,  test lab usage, educational usage and other fields of application.

*Rotatable display screen. It is convenient to adjust the display screen position via slight press

*Equipped with a ground wire to remove static electricity

* X-2 type solder holder include a cleaning kit  (rosin + brass wool ball), a cleaning sponge, a residue tray with protective edge, a solder spool holder, a row of tip storage slots in a single holder package. It can store, clean, and protect soldering iron.


A. ℃  and ℉ conversion function.

B. Temperature correction funtion.

C. Three preset channals

D. Soldering iron sleep 10 mins.


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