Senior Screwdriver Set Disassemble Repair Tools with Sleeve

The Screwdriver Set precision workmanship, good quality, head high hardness, knife-type high accuracy, hard to deformed and broken, high-quality anti-static handle, high operability, handle mouth which used used to lock heads is designed with hexagonal, effectively prevent tools extract and sliding in the process of using, all heads have magnetic properties, not only firmly suck the handle, but also effective suck screws; Separable bottom of the box conveniet for you open and close, plastic box, easy to carry and use, can be used for the dismantling all brands and models of all kinds of mobile phones and other electrical appliances, an essential tool for maintenance and daily life.

High quality antistatic handle advantages:

1. Handle is made with anti-static material, non-slip handle can be maximize acrotorque.

2. The plastic handle was designed according to the ergonomic and was made up by two material, easy to operate and provides great torque. Particularly environmentally

friendly plastic, comfortable operation.

3. Screwdriver rod made from senior chrome vanadium steel, hardened and black processing.

4. Chrome vanadium screwdriver head ensure that the size highest accuracy. Quality and wear resistance are the best.

Tool screwdriver purpose:

1, dismantling the desktop computer hard drives, should useT5, T6, T8. Shell and head control parts screws, use T8, disc axis use T6.

2, demolition xBox with T10. Laptop hard drive and circuit board removal with T4, T5. Demolished Apple Computer use T10 would be more appropriate than the T8 (actual experience), iBook screws really easily collapse teeth.

3, To disassemble your love machine, you have to prepare some common tools, commonly used phone disassemble quincuncial screwdriver TROX: T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, Cross 2.0mm or 1.5mm, etc., small cross screwdriver demolition as some new Samsung phone, part of the Panasonic machine; Demolition of some of the major with T4 screwdriver; The T5 screwdriver major disassemble

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