Yihua-126 Series 6 Set Flux Soldering Tool with 12 Useful

1.It make seasy to soldering

2. Multi-functional

3.Model: 126A/126B/126C/126D/126E/126F

4. For installation and maintenance of the circuit board, are widely used in printed circuit board (PCB) assembly and soldeirng repair work .

The below is detail model:

1)YIHUA-126A Knife shape ,overall size length:185mm

2)YIHUA-126B scrub(brush) shape ,overall size length:185mm

3)YIHUA-126C  pressure head  shape ,overall size length:185mm  

4)YIHUA-126D hook shape ,overall size length:185mm  

5)YIHUA-126E  forked tyoe shape ,overall size length:185mm

6)YIHUA-126F  tine tyoe shape ,overall size length:185mm

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