YIHUA926LED-III 60W Digital Soldering Iron Station with 2 Helping Hands Adjustable Precise Temperature soldering iron tools

2x Helping Hands with alligator clips

1x Solder Wire Bracket

1x Blue Sponge

1x User Manual

1x Spanner to detach the helping hands.


1.[Fast Heating Up & Adjustable Accurate Temp]The YIHUA 926 LED III 60W soldering station provides fast heating up and wide settings of precise temp (194F~896℉/90°C ~ 480°C) to choose from. Can consistently hold the current temp with its PID tech and tackle most kinds of tasks.
2.[Optimal space-saving solution]This model offers perfect combination of Soldering Station & Soldering Iron Stand. The specially designed perforated metal on the machine’s back can store spare tips perfectly. Good option when worktop space is insufficient. Optimize space & Simplify your worktop with this great space saver!
3.[Applied Useful Technologies] Clear LED Temp Display, °C/°F Display, Sleep Mode, PID Temp Control Tech and Temp Calibration Function applied. A single intuitive knob (also a menu button) can help adjust the temp precisely and, at the same time, do the settings. It’s just good for new players to skilled experts!

Product description:

Now you meet the one of the most Space-efficient & Cost-effective Soldering Stations in YIHUA Soldering Family! It’s beneficial, good-quality, easy-to-use, and incredibly space-saving!

The 926 LED III model can reach the high temp of 572℉/300℃ in less than 30 seconds and engages the PID temp. control tech that cycles every 20 milliseconds to keep the current temp from changing. Meanwhile, offers wide settings of precise temp (194℉~896℉/90°C ~ 480°C) to choose from. Good for users with different purposes (e.g. Soldering IC, LED, stained glass, electronic components, PCB and PWB, various electronic products repair, DIY and more)

The whole unit is super space-saving due to the good integration of parts, offering very economical use of space! The special addition of 2 strong helping hands with alligator clips are the perfect ones that can free up your hands so you can focus on the job at hand, while the other, perforated metal, can help store multiple solder tips! If looking for more flexibility on worktop, do look at this.

Capable & Cost-efficient, it will reveal to you its Quality & Durability!

  • ESD Safe

  • PID Temperature Control Technology

  • °C / ℉ Display

  • Sleep Function

  • Temp. Calibration Function

  • Soldering Station: 60W-Temperature Range 194ºF ~ 896ºF / 90°C ~ 480°C

  • Soldering Iron Temperature Stability: ± 3.6°F / 2.0°C

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