YIHUA 926LED-IV 60W heater electronic soldering iron desoldering repair soldering station

1 x 926LED-IV V1 Soldering Station

2 x Helping Hands (with crocodile clips)

1 x Solder Spool Bracket

1 x Cleaning Kit (with brass wool & sponge)

1 x LEAD-FREE Solder Wire (15g 1.0mm)

5 x Soldering Iron Tips (quality assorted tip)

1 x Desoldering Pump (solder sucker)

1 x ESD-Safe Tweezers


1. PID Temperature Stabilization

The station is equipped with PID temperature stabilization programme to keep your soldering iron tip’s temperature stabilized. So, you no longer have to wait for the iron to get hot again when soldering continuously, and you can enjoy a smooth soldering experience. For example: When getting in contact with a solder joint or a component’s pin, the soldering iron tip will transfer heat onto the subject and experience a heat loss. The program tracks the actual temperature of the soldering iron tip with the built-in thermal couple, and compensates the heat loss with just the right amount of power to keep your soldering iron tip at the set temperature.

2. Sleep Mode

When the station detects no movement for the soldering iron for longer than 10 minutes, the station will enter sleep mode to extend the lifespan of the soldering iron tip & heating element, and conserve energy. How it works: As compared to heating up from room temperature, idling at 200°C can effectively prevent the soldering iron tip from accelerated oxidization while retaining sufficient heat to get up to operating temperature in a much quicker rate.

3. Helping Hands

The station comes with attachable assistive tools to help complete your work. You can attach the helping hands on the station, and use them to secure your board while you’re soldering.

4. Digital Temperature Calibration


60 Watt Output (60 Watt Heating Element)

Temperature Range: 90°C ~ 480°C
Temperature Stability: ±2.0°C (Static)
Working Environment: 0°C ~ 40°C
Storage Environment: -20°C ~ 80°C
Storage Humidity: 35% ~ 45%

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