YIHUA-926LED-IV V2 stable quality new soldering iron station

1 x 926LED-IV V2 Soldering Station

2 x Helping Hands (with crocodile clips)

1 x Magnifying Glass (with built-in LED lights)

1 x Solder Spool Bracket

1 x Cleaning Kit (with brass wool & sponge)

1 x LEAD-FREE Solder Wire (50g 0.8mm)

3 x Soldering Iron Tips (quality assorted tip)


1. 3 Preset Channels

You can save up to three sets of temperature setting into the three preset channels, so you don’t have to constantly adjust temperature settings for works that are different in temperature requirement. How it works: You can set Channel 1 to 370°C for general purpose soldering, Channel 2 to 390°C for big solder joints, Channel 3 to 350°C for temperature-sensitive components. While you’re working, you can switch between these settings with just ONE press of a button.

2. Assistive Tool

The station comes with attachable assistive tools to help complete your work. You can attach the helping hands on the station, and use them to secure your board. You can also attach the magnifying glass to the station when you’re working with small components, the magnifying glass has built-in LED lights to help illuminate the area you’re working on.

3. Digital Temperature Calibration

You need to change iron tips from time to time, and temperature discrepancies may occur when using tips with different thermal mass. With this function, you can simply measure the actual temperature of the soldering tip with a professional thermometer, and key in the measured temperature value. The system will then do the calculation and correct the temperature for you.


60 Watt Output (60 Watt Heating Element)
Temperature Range: 90°C ~ 480°C
Temperature Stability: ±2.0°C (Static)
Working Environment: 0°C ~ 40°C
Storage Environment: -20°C ~ 80°C
Storage Humidity: 35% ~ 45%

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