WEP 1000B 3 in 1 digital SMD soldering welding equipment preheat BGA rework station

1pc machine                            

1pc manual

1pc power cable        

1pc soldering iron

1pc soldering iron stand

1pc hot air gun

1pc lamp

1pc bracket

Outer carton box size: 47.5*35.5*31CM


Outer carton weight:  12kg/CTN


1. Using the PID programmable temperature control technology, precise control

temperature, rapid heating, simple operation, digital display of temperature.

At the same time the internal use of SMT double panel manufacturing process,

internal process system, the direction of signal clarity, machine stability and

safety performance is further improved, can adapt to a variety of harsh


2. Using infrared heat transfer technology, infrared penetration strength,

components uniform heating, beyond the traditional hot air heating vowed to

prevent blow off the IC surrounding small components. Infrared work mode

has 2 types: The first type is an external sensor temperature control mode,

that is detected by the sensor IC surface temperature control temperature;

second type is no external sensor temperature control, easy to operate.

3. Preheating station is to use a glaze layer having a high thermal effect, good

thermal shock resistance of the ceramic as the substrate, high-quality nickel

branded alloy wire once sintering. It has a high thermal effect, overall good,

good thermal stability, uniform heating, high dielectric strength, clean, easy to

install and so on features.

4. The gun heater adopts a ceramic heater, heating element firmly around the

model of ceramic, rapid and uniform heating up. Ceramic super high

temperature and very tough material at long time high temperature under the

condition of no deformation, greatly enhance the heating element stability,

prolong the life of the heating elements.

5. The air gun has no wind protection function, If use a heat gun is not normal in

the process of stop the wind, the heating wire to stop heating, and the

prevention of the no wind burning handle, so as to greatly improve the safety

performance of the product.

6. Has bright delicate, low voltage LED lighting, safety and energy conservation.

7. Circuit board fixed bracket, use biaxial fixation techniques, can be moved

fixed support bracket. In fixing the circuit board while very convenient position

adjustment requires disassembly of the device.

8. Powerful human function design, with the following functions:

A. Temperature correction function :

Adapted due to environmental conditions or the replace the heater/fan blower/

iron tips caused by iron or hot air gun temperature deviation, this eature can

be corrected temperature. Correction of temperature range: - 50°C ~ + 50°C

(Infrared lamp analog value :5-80).

B. Celsius / Fahrenheit temperature display function:

meet different market needs to design the temperature display mode.

According to the custom to choose.

9. Iron part adopts import heater, quick temperature rise, temperature stability,

long service life; static design, prevent electrostatic damage the SMD element.


voltage  AC220V±10%

Max power consumption 1415W

Preheating station parts

Max power consumption 540W

Light-emitting components Far infrared heating plate

Temperature Range 50°C-300°C/122°F~572°F or 50 °C ~200 °C /  122°F~488°F

Display Type LED

Preheating area120*120mm

Infrared lamp part

Max power consumption 150W

Light-emitting components Infrared emission lamp

Temperature Range100°C-350°C/212°F~662°F

Temperature Stability ±1°C

Display Type LED

Effective irradiation area 35*35mm

Come with 2 lens cup, you can be choice two of  lens cup from  28mm / 38mm /48mm

Soldering station part

Max power consumption 75W

Heating components imported heater

Temperature Range 200°C-480°C/392°F~896°F

Temperature Stability ±1°C(statics)

Tip of ground voltage <2mV

Tip ground impedance <2 ohm

Display Type LED Display

Handle cable length ≥100cm

Hot Air Reworks part

Max power consumption 700W

Heating components Skeleton-type ceramic heater

Airflow type Brushless fan spiral wind

Airflow ≤130 L/min

Temperature Range 100°C-480°C/212°F~896°F

Temperature Stability ±1°C(statics)

Display Type LED

Handle cable length ≥100cm

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