YIHUA 853AA 2in1 function preheating rework station

Machine  1PC

Manual  1PC

Power cable 1PC

Hot air gun 1PC

Inner box size : 37*38*18CM
Outer carton box size: 73*40*39CM
Goods net weight:  4.44KG/PC
Outer carton weight:  19.5kg/CTN


The machine has a self-test function, full intelligent over-temperature, short-circuit, open circuit, overload and fault display and protection functions;853AA temperature correction function: to adapt to the environmental impact, or replace the heating elements, soldering iron tips etc. spare parts caused by temperature deviation, can use this function calibration temperature. The correction temperature range is -50 °C ~ +50 °C;853AA has Celsius / Fahrenheit temperature display function: meet different market needs to design the temperature display mode, you can choose under customary interest.


Voltage AC220C±5%

Max power consumption: 1200W

Preheating station parts

Temperature Range  50~400  °c / 152~752 °F

Temperature Stability ±2  °c

Display Type LED

Area 120*120mm

Hot Air Reworks parts

Airflow type brushless fan spiral out wind

Air Flow ≤130L/min

Temperature Range 100  °c -480  °c /212°F ~896 °F

Temperature Stability  ±2  °c

Display Type LED

Handle cable length ≥100cm


Inner box size 37*38*18cm

Outer carton box size 73*40*39cm

Goods net weight 4.44kg/pcs

outer carton weight 19.5kg

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