Yihua 946A-II LCD Touch Screen Glass Separating Machine

1x machine

1x power cable

1x manual

Inner box size : 38*21*17cmCM
Outer carton box size: 44.5*40.2*55.5CM
Goods net weight:  3.8KG/PC
Outer carton weight:  23.1kg/CTN


1. Using the PID programmable temperature control technology and implantation of the most high-end precision PID program.

2. Heating plate is Smooth, Aluminum surface temperature uniformity.

3. Inside with Vacuum pump, strong suction and small noise, long life.

4. Functions

A. Celsius / Fahrenheit temperature display:To satisfy different market demand, you can work it with your choice.

B. The temperature correction feature:

Aluminum surface is large, when working temperature change, the machine temperature will be some change, we can correct the temperature use this function. Range: -50°C~50°C

5. It adopt SMT double sided circuit board, this improves stability and safety a lot. Can adapt to harsh environments.

Rated power
Temperaturer range50-200℃
Display typeLED
Temperature stability
±2°C (Static)
Vacuum pump power
Vacuum pressure
Aluminum to ground resistance
Aluminum size
L200MM x W110MM
Machine size
L300 x W160 x H90MM ±3MM
Working temperature

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