Yihua 946A-II LCD Touch Screen Glass Separating Machine

1pc machine

1pc power cable

1pc manual

Inner box size : 38*21*17cmCM
Outer carton box size: 44.5*40.2*55.5CM
Goods net weight:  3.8KG/PC
Outer carton weight:  23.1kg/CTN


1. With PID programmable temperature control technology and the highest precision PID input program, temperature is both adjustable and stable while deviations are minimized.

2. The heated aluminum is smooth and flat, ensuring a uniform surface temperature.

3. This device has the following user-friendly design features:A. Celsius/Fahrenheit temperature display;B. Temperature correction feature.

4. The double-sided internal SMT manufacturing process boasts clean craftsmanship. The signal flow is clear, and the machine is both stable and safe, further improving its performance and adaptability to various harsh environments.


1.CPU temperature control
2.Mobile phone integration screen split

To saperate the moble phone, suitable TEMP is under 100 ºC
In winter, suitable TEMP is 90ºC
In summer,suitable TEMP is 70-80ºC

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