WEP 850 hot air smd rework soldering station

* main unit + gun + power cord

* guide

* 3 nozzles

Inner box size : 33*27*20.2CM

Outer carton box size: 57*34.8*62.5CM


Goods net weight:  2.97KG/PC

Outer carton weight:  18.1kg/CTN


1.Fine-control diaphragm pump is employed for powerful airflows; the smaller the nozzle of the gun, the stronger the airflow.

(a) Nozzles with diameters smaller than 5 mm and normal-sized nozzle (8 mm, 10 mm, 12mm) are suitable for use, we do not recommend use with larger nozzles. Since the pressure of the air pump is large, the smaller the nozzle the stronger the force, and even small nozzles are able to blow out the hot air from the handle.

(b) Characteristics of the diaphragm pump type airflow: large pressure and small volume (the maximum volume is 24L/min)

(c) Applicable range:

The smaller the gun nozzle installed in the machine, the bigger the pressure and stronger the force, suitable for desoldering of single small soldering spots.

2.a cutting-edge ceramic-framed heating core for extremely stable and reliable performance!

3.The air gun handle wire employs a high-temperature silicone wire (undamaged when 300o soldering tip contacts silicone wire for 30 seconds)

Power consumption:550W
Gun temperature:100-450oC
Gun type:Diaphragm pump  
Air flow:24L/MIN
Gun heater material:Nickel-alloys
Gun heater resistance:90Ω
Inner box dimension(cm):32*27*19.8
Outer box dimension(cm):56*34*60
Outer carton box Q'TY:6PCS/CTN
Product weight:2.97KG/PC

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