WEP 937D adjustable smd soldering and desoldering iron station

Main unit    1set            Iron holder      1pc  

Soldering iron handle (include iron tips and heater)    1pc

High temperature resistant sponge     1pc

Manual 1pc           Power plug :1pc                        

Inner box size                    36*17*11.5CM

Outer carton box size        54.5*33*48.5CM

Q'TY                                  12PCS/CTN

Goods net weight              1.69KG/PC

Outer carton weight           20.28KG


1.YIHUA937D features rapid heating,fast temperature compensation,High-precision and stable temperature control, this can effectively prevents cold solder joints.

2.An anti-static design effectively prevents damage to delicate components;

3.Our equipment applies the high quality metal heater which will not be twisted off and longer life.

4.Employs new solid-mold manufacturing processes, withstanding voltage and drop damage

5.This model features Automatic fault detection and alarm functions;


Power consumption

Temperature Range200°C~480°C
Display typeRed/green LED display
Temperature stability±10°C (static)
Heating elements
Common heater
Operating voltageAC 26V ±10% 50Hz
Working  Environment0~40°C  relative humidity<80%
Storage   Environment-20°C ~ 80°C  relative humidity<80%
Product Dimensions36*17*11.5CM

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