WEP 1502D+USB dc power supply 15v adjustable

Machine :1

Manual :1

Power Cable :1

Inner box size                    17*21*16.5CM

Outer carton box size        50*43*36.5CM

Q'TY                                  12PCS/CTN

Goods net weight              1.61KG/PC

Outer carton weight           19.24KG


1.The DC power supply which provides a 0-15V outputs function

2.Short-circuit proof function (adjustable inside 0.6A-2A) , the short circuit proof automatically recovers function.

3.Two LED screen two LED screen seperately display current and voltage,provide you with a simple operation, economical and practical, the excellent performance maintenance instrument.

4.0~15V output function DC voltage 0-15V output function

5.It has 5V/15V conversion function ,and have 5V USB interface .


The power supply input

can make 110V,220V,230V,240V AC

The biggest power

30W max

Output voltage

0-15V DC

Work temperature


Empty carry to exhaust <0.25w

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