WEP 1502D+ 220v variable dc output power supply

Inner box size                    27*14*22CM

Outer carton box size        76*29*46.5CM

Q'TY                                  10PCS/CTN

Goods net weight              1.9KG/PC

Outer carton weight           20KG


Main Function

1.The DC power supply which provides a 0-15V outputs function

2.Short-circuit proof function (adjustable inside 0-2A/0-500mA) , the short-circuit proof automatically recovers function.it is adjustable DC Power Supply

3.Establish a strong test function,indicator precision designation signal strength , the indicator keeps view GSM and CDMA/ small quick conversion.

YIHUA 1502D+ 15V 2A repair mobile variable DC power supply

1.1502D+ Power Supply which is specialize in designing for cell phone maintenance with full functions. It not only contains DC power supply function but also has RF interference with the cell phone protection, which prevent cell phone from damaging due to external interference cause by high voltage.

2.Short circuit protection it can select 2A or 500MA,Current can be show precisely in the two ranges, when the output current over the rated current,power supply cut off automatically to protect the output.

3.  9V output interface and USB interface.Providing you with a maintenance machine which is easy operation reasonable price and high quality performance.

4. Power function Provide a 0-15V DC power output capability.

5.The resumption of short-circuit protection function 5 seconds to resume power supply after Power Protection, this feature can be used to open and close switches. Can switch between PHS and GSM, indicator show precisely to signal strength, indicator visual.Voltage testing Test between the 0-99.9V DC voltage

6.signal intensity indicator light has two mode 1.PHS signal strength 2.GSM signal strength


1.The power supply input we can make 110V,220V,230V,240V AC

2.Output voltage 0-15V DC

3.Work temperature -10oC-40oC

4.Empty carry to exhaust <0.25W

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