YIHUA 938BD+ SMD Hot Tweezer soldering station

main unit + power cord


soldering iron

soldering iron holder

Inner box size                    26.3*21.6*16.3CM

Outer carton box size        45.5*28*51.5CM

Q'TY                                  6PCS/CTN

Goods net weight              3.5KG/PC

Outer carton weight           21KG


1.The machine has been upgraded with a new backlit panel using the newest LCD technology, offering a

beautiful and elegant look, and accurately displaying the temperature of the tweezers and soldering iron as

well as other functions.
2.Adopt microcomputer control,warming-up quickly.
3.High-quality resistance good for long service life.
4.This product is ESD-protected.
5.soldering iron handle using silicone material.
6.The machine uses brushed aluminum panels, which as well as looking attractive,
are also compact and

7.Uses PID programmable temperature control technology, applying sophisticated
PID programming into

the machine to rapidly track, test, and correct the actual temperatures of the tweezers and soldering iron.

Rapid temperature compensation reduces temperature error. Temperature stability and temperature

compensation speed are significantly better than similar products.

8.Internal design uses SMT double-sided panels, producing a neat arrangement;

signal flow is clear, and the stability and operational safety of the machine has been further strengthened.

The machine can be used in a number of harsh environments.
9.Longer soldering iron handle line,it has 1.5 meter.
10.The handle for the soldering tweezers has a unique design, and is paired with a
unique soldering iron

stand. The soldering tweezer station is ideal for use soldering small plates and small IC. Due to its parallel

design, the soldering tweezer station ,can be heated and used for soldering at the same time.
11.Unique handle model and soldering iron holder humanity design.

12.938BD+ Series provides parallel heating tweezers and soldering irons in a combination design, making

it very convenient for use in applications such as for small electronic components, chips, and SMD

component desoldering and soldering. When desoldering is necessary, the parallel tweezers can be placed

directly on the two solder points of the resistor components for heating. Components can be easily

desoldered without affecting nearby components. Also the soldering iron can quickly resolder components

that have been desoldered. Extremely quick and easy to use, providing the best combination for instillation

and desoldering.



Power consumption

Temperature Range100°C~480°C/212°F~896°F
Display typeLCD
Temperature stability±2°C/3.6°F (static)
Heater voltageAC 24V ±10% 50Hz
Sleep Function
0-99 Minutes
Temperature Compensation Programmable
-50 °C to +50 °C
Working  Environment0~40°C/32°F~104°F
Storage   Environment-20°C ~ 80°C/-4°F ~ 176°F
Soldering Iron & Hot Tweezers Cord Material100% Silicone (Virtually No Memory)

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