YIHUA 948DQ-II Digital Display Multiple Functions Smoke Vacuum Absorb Soldering Iron Fume Extracting Soldering Station

In the Box:

* 8 x Activated Carbon Filter (Front*4 + Rear*4)

* 1 x 917GC(220V) / 917GD (110V) Soldering Iron

* 1 x Spring Soldering Iron Holder with Cleaner

* 1 x 948DQ-II Station Unit

* 1 x Solder Wire Hanger

* 2 x Fenders (Left + Right)

Optional spare parts:

* 1 x Tilt Angle Adjustable Base

* 2 x Helping Hand Clips


1.948DQ-II combines fume extractor and high-performance temperature-controlled soldering station(60W ceramic heating element).

2.Double Filtering This fume extractor is fitted with 9mm thick high quality activated carbon filters to provide better adsorption,further reducing the toxic content inside the fume.Ensuring a safe work environment, protecting you from harmful fumes.

3.The 5 blade fan design provides effective suction, and the fan has a longer operating lifespan while putting out less noise when operating.

4..The fume directing fender design redirects the fume to the extraction fan, amplifying the effective fume extraction area.

5.Precision PID Program

The built in precision PID temperature stabilization monitors the soldering iron’s temperature in real time, cycling in milliseconds to compensate/cool the soldering iron. This ensures the soldering iron tip’s temperature is maintained at the set temperature steadily, offering a smoother soldering experience.

6.Individual Power Switches

The unit integrates two individual power switches, made for the soldering station and fume extractor respectively. You can use both tools together, or only one of them based on your work scope.

7.Detachable Soldering Iron Handpiece

Detachable soldering iron frees you from soldering the heating element and disassembling the station when replacing consumable parts. With the detachable design, replacing the soldering iron handpiece is easy breezy.

8.Sleep Mode(10-Min)

When non use for longer than 10 minutes, the soldering iron enters low temperature idling sleep mode. This function extends the lifespan of the soldering iron. (this function can be turned off)

9.Automatic Shut-Down(30-Min)

When the soldering station is not restarted from sleep mode for longer than 30 minutes, thestation shuts down automatically. This function prevents leaving the station ON unsupervised.

10.Digital Temperature Calibration

Once inside the temperature calibration interface, simply enter the measured temperature value, and the soldering station will automatically correct the actual temperature discrepancy, no calculations needed.

11.Solder Wire Dispenser

You can store your preferred spools of solder wire, and access them easily when soldering.This dispenser is secured via locking screw, and the station comes with compatible threaded insert.、

12.Integrated Soldering Iron Holder

The holder comes in a spring holster design, with brass wool tip cleaner. Secured with a locking screw, you can adjust to your preferred tilt angle, and the holder is not easily toppled.

13.Tip Cleaner

Inside the holder, a open top brass wool tip cleaner is included. You don’t need to purchaseseparated tip cleaner. Cleaning with brass wool can reduce heat loss during cleaning.


Model: 948DQ-II

input Voltage: AC110~127V 60Hz or 220~240V 50Hz
Rated Power: 23W (Max.125W)
Heating element: 60W
Size: L90 x W145 x H164mm ±5mm
Temperature Range: 392~896°F / 200~480°C
Temp. Stabilization Range: ±3°C (static
Temperature Display: LED Nixie
Operating Temperature: 32~104℉/ 0~40℃
Tip to Ground Resistance: Storage humidity: 35%~45%
Storage Temperature: -4~176℉/ -20~80℃
PID Interval: milliseconds-grade
Capable of Soldering & Desoldering operations
For Surface-Mount and Through-Hole components
On components such as SOP, DIP, SOIC, and more

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