YIHUA948D upgrade version 2 in 1 BGA Desoldering Station Electric Vacuum Desoldering Pump Solder Sucker Gun +Soldering Station
Input voltage:110V/220V/230V/240V optional Product weight:6kg/pcs
Product Details

YIHUA948D upgrade version 2 in 1 BGA Desoldering Station Electric Vacuum Desoldering Pump Solder Sucker Gun +Soldering Station



1, Adopt programmable PID temperature control technology, the most high-precision PID implant procedures, high-speed track testing machine gun and high suction tin soldering station the actual temperature, and calibration. Magic temperature compensation speed so that the temperature error is small, temperature stability and temperature compensation is much faster than the same type of product.
2, with suction tin gun and high-frequency welding station function, two kinds of features intelligent recognition interchangeable. Need to use high-frequency welding units handle the suction gun unplugged, connect the high-frequency welding units handle, machine intelligence to identify and read high-frequency welding table once the temperature setting parameters. If you need to exchange suction tin gun, the high-frequency welding units handle removed, connected to the suction gun handle, the machine automatically identify the suction tin gun temperature parameters.
3, with suction pen function, auxiliary remove IC.
4, anti-static design, prevent static electricity or leakage damage components.
5, transformer isolated power supply to the heating element, and removing the high-frequency welding units handle or suction tin gun handle stop to the heating element power supply, safe and reliable.
6, built-in vacuum, strong suction, no external vacuum system, easy to carry.
7, the machine is designed with the following powerful features of human nature:
A, Celsius / Fahrenheit temperature display function:
To meet the market needs of different regions and design temperature display mode, you can select according to customary interest.
B, sleep function:
The machine automatically detects the status of their work, in the absence of use, when at rest, reaches the set sleep time, high-frequency welding Taiwan temperature or suction gun temperature automatic cooling to 200
into hibernation, which can effectively prevent tip oxidation, extending the tip life, energy and environmental protection. Sleep time can be set in the range: 1-99 minutes, in steps of 1 minute, the user can set according to usage, such as iron does not need to sleep the sleep time can be set to ---.
Wake-sleep methods:
a, shake a few iron handle / button once sniffing a red switch.
b, press any key.
c, turn off the power switch on again.
C, auto-off function:
After the machine into hibernation, the program start time, in the set auto-off time not wake dormant, the machine will automatically shut down, saving and environmental protection. Automatic shutdown time setting range: 1-99 minutes, in steps of 1 minute. Such as automatic shutdown function does not require the automatic shutdown time is set to ---.
D, the password function:
Enter function parameter setting need to enter the correct password before allowing the change function parameters, preventing the operator changes affect operating results.
E, digital temperature correction:
Adapted to the environmental impact or replace heater, iron top parts caused by iron temperature and display the deviation, can be corrected by this function.
F, temperature linear correction:
Linearity deviation caused by the replacement of the heating element, can be corrected by this function.
8, tin suction nozzle and a specially designed heat pipes, solder in the molten state can be suction filter, without regular maintenance, high efficiency.
9, the use of heat-resistant silicone hose, to prevent contact with the heating element and damage.
10, the internal use SMT dual-panel manufacturing process, process neat, clear signal flow, the machine further enhance stability and security performance, can adapt to harsh environments.



Model:YIHUA 948D upgrade vsersion

Input  Voltage : AC 220V±10% 50HZ\( 110V±10% 50HZ)

Power: Sunction gun :130W High frquency  soldering station iorn power is 90W high Frequency

Temperature Range:200°C-480°C

Display method :LED digital

Heating elemnt vlotage :AC 36V ±10% f=380KHz

Desoldering pump power:12W

Vacuum Pressure:Max .50Kpa(375mmHg)

Weight 6kg/pcs


Tip of ground impedance <2ohm
Tip of ground voltage <2mV
Operating Temperature :0°C~40°C/32°F~104°F
Storage Temperature:-20°C-4-80°C/-4°F~-176°F


Storage Humidity:35%~45%

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