YH-853D 2A rework station hot air gun + soldering iron + power supply
Input voltage:110V/220V/230V/240V optional Product weight:5KG
Size: 32*27*21cm
Product Details

YH-853D 2A rework station hot air gun + soldering iron + power supply


 Main function


1). The product uses double-sided fiberglass circuit board material, the components installation processes are performed orderly to ensure the clarity of electric signal flow.
 2). The Soldering station, Hot air rework‘s temperature are using Intelligent Fuzzy logic PID control, therefore the temperature steady-state drift is relatively small, it overcomes the drift quite quickly even in a harsh environment.
 3). Fan's airflow capacity, Soldering Iron and Hot air rework's temperature are all adjustable, the power supply  voltage is shown on the LED digital display, and it is constantly updated.
 4). Soldering iron, Hot air rework and dc power supply are using independent dual-core micro-controller, which means they can work independently, when the problem occurs on one tool it does not affect the others. Dual-core CPU is used to avoid failures.
 5). Hot air rework, soldering iron are equipped by variety of fault protection

 6). Product is simple in design, therefore it can operate without too many keys involved.

YIHUA853D 2A rework station pictures display 



1.Industrial production of electronic products assembly

2.Scientific research departments for product development

3.Repair industry for electronic product repair

4.Enterprises electrician soldering operation

5.Electronic technology enthusiasts electronics assembly

6.Students of various Colleges Electrical Skills Training

7.Suitable for a various kind of soldering or desoldering (removals) purposes of the electronic components  such as: SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA, SMD, etc. (especially mobile phone's cable ).


8.Shrinking, Paint drying, adhesive removal, thawing, warming, Plastic welding.


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