Soldering Iron tips 900M-T series 5pcs/set
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Size:5pcs per plastic bag
Product Details

 Soldering Iron tips 900M-T series 5pcs/set

soldering iron tips include :900M-T-I,B,2.4D,3C,K


1.Lead-free constant temperature soldering iron tips, high-grade oxygen-free

Copper production, heat-type heat theory, heater transfer very fast ,stable quality,

long –life.


2. Fine quality, life expectancy more than 15,000 to 25,000 joints (normal temperature / purpose use).


3.Head shape is different head,  suitable for  small or large joints welding .etc. 


4. Color: Silver.



Use note 1: try to tip in the normal temperature range, as far as soldering, extend tip life.


Use Note 2: After a period of time soldering tip, the surface oxide layer will appear, it is recommended to use special tools to remove, otherwise will cause the phenomenon do not de-soldering  tin, tip do not de-soldering tin, with 80% of the factor is related to your use habits .


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