YIHUA926LED-II digital soldering iron station
Input voltage:110V/220V/230V/240V Optional Product weight:1.2kg/pc 16pcs/ctn
Size: 31*16*15 cm
Product Details

1.Adjustable temperature range :Low temperature range(90~300°C)/High temperature range(200~480°C) Convertible.

2.The soldering iron power :60W

3.°C/°F temperature display mode conversion function.

4.LED precise display soldering iron temperature.

5. 0-99 minutes sleep function, time 0 for non-sleep and “SLP” indicating sleep stage.

6.Digital temperature calibration function: it is designed for the calibration of the soldering
iron temperature deviation between the actual and display temperature caused by the
impact from environment or replacement of spare parts such as heating element, tips and
so on.

7.Precise temperature control applied with the latest advanced temperature control circuit.
Heating core used high quality and durable materials, extending its life span.

8.Steel cylinder produced with high strength 304 stainless steel.

9.The handle uses completely new environmentally friendly and heat resistant materials.
A high temperature spacer between the handle and the heating tube prevents heat transfer
and ensures comfortable use. 

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