Guangzhou Yihua Electronic Equipment Co.,Ltd.  provides high-quality repairs, soldering and

de-soldering of equipment, SMD hot air rework station, DC power source R&D, manufacturing 

and sales.It currently is China’s largest scale and most dynamic enterprise of its kind. 

Yihua Electronics grew from its former military enterprise at the “083” base and maintains 

the tradition of military-standard quality to this day. 


The company is known for its excellent technical art and cutting edge technology, and is hugely

popular among customers in China and abroad. There are two brands under Yihua Electronics,

“YIHUA” and “WEP” and the company has successfully passed ISO9001-2008 certification. All

products bear the European CE seal, as well as SAA, KC, RoHS, and National Electronics Safety

and Quality Supervision and Testing Certification, and have passed France’s BV (Bureau Verita)

onsite auditing process and the Swiss SGS audit. The company holds dozens of patents, and is

gradually taking its place as the undisputed industry leader.  


The company relies on strong R&D capacity, releasing batch after batch of high-tech products with

independent intellectual property rights to domestic and foreign markets, and gradually

strengthening its position as an industry leader. The company specializes in R&D, innovation, and

manufacturing of welding stations, hot air rework stations, and DC power supplies. From basic

components to integrated controls, from basic heating elements to complete products with multiple

functions, we produce them piece by piece. We understand customer needs and we focus on

design, applying our new R&D capacities, producing core features and concepts that are leaders

in the industry, helping protect the environment,and responding to user needs. Technologies

include handle safety  protection, heat generating solid phase technology, PID precise

temperature control technology, anti-wind protection, temperature correction, hot air gun

automatic /manual switching,and soldering iron sleep mode. A number of related

technologies and features have been widely used in industry.


The company has also always focused on its goals of developing as a “high-tech company,

resources savings enterprise,”following the business philosophies of “focused, professional,

dedicated.” As a result, the company has become the largest, most professional, and most

successful enterprise in the industry,and has been named by a reputable authority as first of

the top ten soldering brands. 


Yihua Electronic Equipment is ready to become the most important enabler for professionals

around the world.


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