Hot Sale New Product : YIHUA-929D-II automatic soldering gun
1.Using PID program-controlled temperature control technology.The
temperature compensation speed is fast and the error is small.
2.High efficiency since this product use the internal heat type of heating element.
3.Solder Feed Iron which can be operated for soldering by one-hand,it is of comfort,convenience and high efficiency.
4.Simply to replace the solder tin wire.
5.With a power switch,which can be turned off when not in use,safe and energy efficient.
6.The internal use of SMT double-sided manufacturing process, the
components installation processes are performed orderly to ensure clarity of electric signal flow.
7.Apply the SMT double-panel manufacturing technology with neat process
and solid joints
8.The machine design has the following user-friendly functions:
A.with Fahrenheit/Celsius conversion function:
This temperature display mode designed to meet the needs of different
markets,you can make choice according to your customary or interest.
B.10 minutes sleep function:
The"SLP"is displayed as a sleep state prompt.
C.Digital temperature correction function:
It is suitable for the temperature deviation of the soldering iron from the
display due to environmental influences or replacement of heating
elements such as heater cores and soldering iron tips. It can be corrected by
this function.

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