After Service

 Products after-sales support:

Dear users,
  Thank you for purchasing our product. In order to ensure that your product is covered by our warranty, we advise you that if a
  problem should occur, do not hesitate to contact the manufacturing sales technical services. The manufacturer will assign
   someone to resolve the matter.
Action to be taken if a problem is found:
1, Send email with details of the problem to manufacturer. (Photos and video will be much more helpful.)
2, Technician will reply to email once problem had been found and they will advise you on how to solve the problem.
3, Local sellers will provide replacement parts if needed, otherwise a video of how to solve the problem will be sent.
4, Manufacturer guarantees one year free repair, however carriage costs are buyer’s responsibility.
5,If the product gets problem and some parts need to be replaced, to avoid the high shipping cost,the manfucturer advises you
   go to their dealer in your city and the dealer will supply you the parts free. Manufacturer provide technical support to replace
   the parts until it’s working well.
6, The warranty does not cover consumables parts like heating elements and solder tips etc.
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