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 YIHUA BGA Infrared Rework Station Appears on China Central Television (CCTV)

News on February 14, 2017!

On a China Central Television(CCTV) News broadcast on February 14, 2017, during a
segment on “Innovation and Vitality for Everyone, Increasing Savings and Efficiency for
Enterprises” featuring the Beijing Railway Bureau, a BGA Infrared Rework Station
manufactured by our company made consecutive appearances. The report mentioned
that our company’s product had benefited the Beijing Railway Bureau, showcasing
our “exchange gateway chip” technology that even foreign manufacturers thought
was impossible. The Yihua BGA Infrared Rework Station was the Model 1000B,
one of Yihua Electronics’ cutting-edge products in the area of high-end reworking
and a crystallization of knowledge acquired by Yihua through its sustained hard work.
It can be said that the appearance of the 1000B in the news report was an “inevitable
accident.” In the future, Yihua will continue to forge ahead in the field of soldering,
reworking and DC power supply, striving to be the best.

---- The report can be seen again through the CCTV News Client.
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