• YIHUA 960-IV/960-V Plastic Welder Plastic Welding Kit Car Bumper Repair Kit
  • YIHUA 960-IV/960-V Plastic Welder Plastic Welding Kit Car Bumper Repair Kit

YIHUA 960-IV 60W High-temperature Heating Professional Plastic Welder Repair Functional Item Soldering Iron Plastic Welder Plastic Welding Kit Car Bumper Repair Kit repair tool

Plastic Welder, Plastic Welding Kit Car Bumper Repair Kit, Plastic Welder Gun
  • YIHUA 960-IV/960-V Plastic Welder Plastic Welding Kit Car Bumper Repair Kit
  • Multifunctional Plastic Welding Kit: You can use this soldering iron to heat or iron the surface of subjects. Primary applications include plastic melting, crack repair, heat shrinking, drying, and other applications that involve high-temperature heating. Plastic Welding Rods Work with Various Surfaces: Car Bumper, Dashboard, Kayak, Canoe, Recycling Bins, Assault Boats, Fiberglass Buckets, Trash Cans, Turnover Boxes, and Children's Toys
  • Efficient plastic welding repair kit can come with rods: Portable Soldering Iron Powerful, lightweight and portable, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, plastic welding tool only takes a few minutes to heat up to a certain temperature. Maximum operating temperature (400℃~600℃/752°F~1112°F); Operating ambient temperature (0℃~40°℃/32°F~104°F). !!!Basic safety precautions should always be followed when using electrical appliances
  • Professional Plastic Welder Repair Kit: Better than ordinary plastic welder, this plastic weld kit can melt and repair PP(Polypropylene), PU(Polyurethane), Polyurethene(PE), Grey-TPO, PA(Polyamide/Nylon), ABS, PC(Polycarbonate) and other plastic materials. From DIY projects and crafts to repairs for everyday users, the opportunities are endless, to help expand your repair or creative projects, saving you tons of money and time on your projects
  • Thoughtful Design: We can provide white and black plastic rods, which are convenient for customers to use in different scenes. The black ones used to make car bumper’s, motorcycle fairings, and pipe.The white ones used to make pipe, toys, motorcycle fairing’s, and other useful stuff. Choose to use depending on your preference
  • What Will You Get: Two package :Standard Version or Upgrade Version(kit) .
  • Upgrade verion :Plastic repair welder kit includes:
  • 1 .Soldering Iron x1;
  • 2 .Rods, (black*20,white*20) x40 ;
  • 3. Welder Tips x3
  • 4 .Reinforcing Mesh x1 ;
  • 5 .Stand x1 ;
  • 6 .Brush x1 ;
  • 7 .Screwdriver x1;
  • 8. Instruction Manual.
  • Reliable quality - Each plastic welding machine must be strictly inspected before leaving the factory. When using it for the first time, the heating element may produce peculiar smell, which is a normal phenomenon. 
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